howto resolve

A. Schulze sca at
Wed Oct 7 13:06:29 UTC 2015


we have the following configuration to point unbound-1.5.4 to our  
private nameservers:

   local-zone: "" transparent
   domain-insecure: ""

   name: ""
   stub-addr: ""
   stub-addr: ""

   name: ""
   stub-addr: ""
   stub-addr: ""


this setup run here for years.
Now the server died and we notice timeouts for  
* PTR queries.
But we did /not/ notice any problems for *

In the last hour I also found that "transparent" is not the best declaration.
I may be better to configure ` local-zone: "" nodefault `
But as I don't have any local-data there should be no difference  
between nodefault and transparent.

I did not expect that unbound has trouble it one of two nameservers  
for a zone fail.
Any suggestions?


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