Unbound and DNSSEC - different answers from 1.4.22 and 1.5.6

Aleš Rygl ales at rygl.net
Wed Nov 25 15:19:42 UTC 2015


Hello all, 

I am running Unbound 1.4.22 on Debian 7.9 for
production and have also installed Unbound 1.5.6-1 on Debian 8.2. Both
are validating with nearly identical config. 

The issue is that I am
receiving different results for following query (I am sorry for long


dig -t a www.mikulasske.cz -p1053 @

;  DiG
9.8.4-rpz2+rl005.12-P1  -t a www.mikulasske.cz -p1053 @
global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
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