[Unbound-users] programmatic responses with unbound

Phil Pennock unbound-users+phil at spodhuis.org
Tue May 5 23:47:08 UTC 2015

On 2015-04-28 at 11:47 +0200, Maciej Soltysiak wrote:
> I'm looking to implement with Unbound something similar to OpenDNS's
> debug.opendns.com TXT record.
> It's a programmatic response to a query that responds with debug meta data,

Most existing DNS implementations use records in the CHAOS class for

With Unbound, take a look at daemon/worker.c and the `answer_chaos()`

% dig +noall +answer -c chaos -t txt id.server
id.server.		0 CH TXT "barbican.spodhuis.org"
% dig +noall +answer -c chaos -t txt version.server
version.server.		0 CH TXT "unbound 1.5.3"

> Has anyone done something like this? Is it possible to do with libunbound?

(here I have to defer to others, sorry)

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