[Unbound-users] Local-data CNAME-Records seems not to work properly

Jan Mueller jan.mueller at razorfish.de
Thu Mar 5 11:35:27 UTC 2015

Hey there

I am facing the following problem:

We need to fake some CNAME-Records to test new deployments, mainly located at Amazon AWS. To do this, we have the following setup:

local-zone: "example.com" static
        local-data: "www.example.com IN CNAME example-aws-dns-record-1234567.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com."
        local-data: "www2.example.com IN A"

Note that the CNAME points to a foreign domain and since it points towards a load balancer, which changes his IP quite often, we must use CNAME records.

When using tools like 'dig' everything works fine and the asked CNAME or A record is answered. We experience problems, when try to use the CNAME record in a 'normal' DNS request, like ping a DNS-Name.

ping www2.example.com works fine. www2.example.com is resolved to and the IP receives a ping.

ping www.example.com<http://www.example.com> does not work at all -> "ping: unknown host www.example<http://www.example>.com"
-> it's almost like unbound would deny to resolve "example.com-1234567.eu-west-1.elb.amazonaws.com." (which by the way works finde when I directly ping this) when it has previously served the fake CNAME.

Can you help me to get rid of this very specific problem?

Thank you in advance,


Jan Müller  /  Junior Systems Administrator  ///  Office: +49.30.2936388.418
Razorfish GmbH
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10245 Berlin

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