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Stephane Lapie stephane.lapie at darkbsd.org
Mon Jan 19 03:02:59 UTC 2015


First of all, I wonder what you are trying to blacklist, because it 
would probably be simpler to just implement something using Unbound's 
local zones.

Now, about dynamic blacklisting in real-time... (especially when you 
need to do it for everything under the Sun)
You will have to be aware of the following :
- Unbound will cache results that resolve positively
- If you decide to reject something with a SERVFAIL, cache won't apply.
- Cache hits will not trigger the python module
- But any cache miss will trigger the python module, which can become a 
big problem.

So, it will greatly depend on how many clients are accessing your DNS 
server, but a complex blacklist for which you have to access the 
database backend each and every time will be a pain to use. Keep in 
mind, with the python module on top of things, you will have to react 
extremely fast, which means you will probably need to store a lot of 
data in-memory, or at the very least, access your backend with a local 
UNIX socket.

As an experiment against water torture attacks, I had tried the 
following structure as an experiment :
Unbound -> Python module (client) -> UNIX daemon (doing the purging of 
data) -> Postgres

It works fine for less than a thousand clients, but once you go above 
that threshold, it just takes too much time to process anything and 
every query ends with a timeout.

You also have the following article where someone linked Unbound to an 
LDAP server :
Though, this probably has the same performance issues I mentioned.


On 2015-01-19 11:22, Rodrigo Contreras wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to Unbound, and am exploring the idea of using it as a
> blacklist cache. I wonder if someone has successfully configured to
> run with a blacklist stored in memory. I have read Jan-Piet Mens bloc
> and it recommends redis. I have read about memcached a bit, and it
> seems like equivalent for the DNS resolution process. Apart from that,
> anyone else has experiences to share about performance using unbound
> with the python module and a backend database for blacklisting?
> I thank you all.
> Regards,
> Rodrigo Contreras
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