[Unbound-users] ip-transparent patch

Sten Spans sten at blinkenlights.nl
Tue Feb 10 12:14:45 UTC 2015

> On Tue, 10 Feb 2015, Sotiris Tsimbonis wrote:
> > On 10/02/2015 11:55 πμ, Sten Spans wrote:
> > 
> > I'm trying to use unbound in combination with vrrp/keepalived.
> > The use of floating ips, would require an unbound restart every
> > time an ip moves from one host to another.
> We currently have unbound running in combination with vrrp/keepalived,
> with no such requirement.
> I believe the trick is to bind to any address and enable
> interface-automatic.
> interface:
> interface: ::0
> interface-automatic: yes
>Our keepalived moves an ipv4 and an ipv6 address without the need to
> restart.

We have NSD on the same box as well, on port 53.
Binding to IN_ADDR_ANY doesn't work if you have more than one daemon.

We could re-locate nsd to a different port, but I really see no reason
not to merge this feature, given that NSD has identical functionality.

Sten Spans

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