[Unbound-users] Unbound Android port

Alastair Hogge agh at fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 12 14:08:33 UTC 2015

On 2015-08-11 Tue 14:02:46 +0200 Marek Sebera, wrote:
> Hello list,


> I’d like to continue in discussion I’ve started here more than 1 year ago.
> I was finally able to give it some time, and successfully cross-compiled
> Unbound DNS in version, and I’ve documented and automated the process a
> bit, you can see here: https://github.com/smarek/android-unbound-dns

Absolutely incredible! Thanks for working on this.

> So now the real question is, is there still demand for securing Android
> using Unbound DNS resolver, or did I made this for no one?

Including myself, I can think of a few groups & other individuals that do
have a need for this, please keep up the terrific work.  Unfortunately, I am
unsure when I will have the time to deploy something.

> Final idea is to have Unbound Android application which will start the DNS
> service on unprivileged port (such as 5353) and will be used as optional
> DNS resolver for masses.  Or, having the installer package, will replace
> default Android resolver, either through IPTables (re-routing all 53
> traffic through unbound on 5353) or modifying actual ROM.
> Which effectively means, we won’t have to have ROOTed device to run the
> resolver and option we’ll be able to set it in WIFI/Cell-APN/Proxy/VPN
> settings.

All great ideas, any chance on seeing the package available via f-droid.org?

> > On 06 May 2014, at 13:21, Marek Sebera wrote:
> >
> > I think it could be done in two ways:
> > 1) Library (native possibly) to integrate with applications (not
> > requiring root obviously)
> > 2) System demon with full unbound-configuration (important for various
> > private networks, requires root device access)
> >
> > Also could help us with sneaky ISPs :-)
> >
> > On 06 May 2014, at 04:17, benfell at parts-unknown.org wrote:
> >
> >> Marek Sebera writes:
> >>>
> >>> is there any available Unbound port for ARM/x86 Android devices?
> >>> I’d really like to have my DNS under control on my handy
> >>
> >> I like this idea as well. I assume the device would need to be rooted
> >> to take advantage of it, however.

A furore Normanorum libera nos, O Domine!

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