[Unbound-users] use-caps-for-id ignore list - feature request

Rygl Aleš ales at rygl.net
Sun Sep 14 05:52:34 UTC 2014

Dear all,

	We use use-caps-for-id for about 5 millions of customers without 
problems on our resolvers for about a year. During this time I had to solve 
just several issues of unresolvable domains because of wrong implementation of 
0x20 draft. The biggest issue we had with ustream.tv but they fixed it within 
couple of days. The worst thing here seems to be finding a way how report the 
issue and contact people responsible for authoritative DNS servers without 
registering to different services with emails and personal details (I am having 
0x20 issue with alibaba.com now and their email in SOA does not work).
We have quite large setup (eight resolvers, 70 Gigs cache) and I would not 
like to switch 0x20 support off just because of several sites per year.

So I would like to ask you if it would be possible to implement some kind of 
unboun-control manageable list for domains that are not working correctly. The 
result of validation of 0x20 would be ignored for them.



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