[Unbound-users] Disabling EDNS0?

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Tue Oct 14 19:13:39 UTC 2014


It looks like a there's a common problem in various networks, -- some
resolvers does not understand EDNS0 OPT record at the end of the DNS
query packet and returns either NXDOMAIN or NODATA response to *any*
such query, no matter if the domain in question exists or not.

After facing this prob multiple times, I finally tried to configure
unbound (1.4.22) to stop using EDNS0 in the first place.  But it looks
like there's no way to turn it off, as far as I can see at least.

I only found edns-buffer-size setting, and it works, by changing
adverticing buffer size in the OPT record.  Yes, I can set it to
512 just fine, and unbound will happily add the corresponding OPT

But the question is how to stop it from _adding_ this record in
the first place?



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