[Unbound-users] Can't Bind Socket Error

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Thu Oct 9 11:42:47 UTC 2014

Thank you for the response.  There is only one interface configured in the
CentOS and IPv6 is disabled (for now - it will be turned up shortly).  

In the configuration of Unbound, I specified the IP address (there is only
one) - should I perhaps change the IP to  It doesn't appear that
the error in the log file is causing any serious issues ....


> We just started migrating some of our customer base over to Unbound.
> Server is VM instance (VmWare) with 8 Gig RAM, 4 vCPU's running CentOS 
> 7 (64 bit).  Unbound version 1.4.20 via YUM package install.

The socket bind this late is for queries to upstream authority servers, it
is trying to bind one of the outgoing-interface IP addresses.  If you
configured it, one of those addresses is not actually served by your system
(or the VM).  Another option is that
IPv6 is broken in the VM and binding the ipv6 fd to ::0 fails.

Best regards,

> We started noticing the following errors in the logs this evening:
> Oct  8 19:48:51 dns2-pppoe unbound: [1110:0] error: can't bind
> *socket*: Permission denied

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