[Unbound-users] Can't get Unbound caching/recursive server to answer on outside IP

Sonic sonicsmith at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 14:23:46 UTC 2014

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 8:53 AM,  <unbound at fongaboo.com> wrote:
> interface:
> interface: <2nd outside IP>

Making assumptions, correct me if I'm wrong, it appears you want
Unbound to be a cache for your internal lan and not for the outside
world, therefore you would want Unbound to answer queries from your
inside IP address and not the outside IP addess which would result in
a change to:


If you really want Unbound to be a cache for the rest of the world
instead you'll need to change the access control to something more

access-control: allow
(not recommending you do this)


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