[Unbound-users] Can't get Unbound caching/recursive server to answer on outside IP

staticsafe me at staticsafe.ca
Tue Nov 4 20:03:34 UTC 2014

On 11/4/2014 13:07, unbound at fongaboo.com wrote:
> Have a FreeBSD 10 machine. Have two outside IPs bound to it. First IP
> has NSD running as an authoritative server. This is specified
> specifically in the interface entry of nsd.conf.
> Trying to run caching/recursive nameserver with unbound on the second
> IP. I specified the following entries in unbound.conf:
>     interface:
>     interface: <Second IP>
> Any ideas why I can't get answers on the second IP?

I suspect it might have to do with the default access-control options
(which limit to localhost only and refuse everyone else).

You can also see if unbound listens to the IP correctly:
`netstat -tulpnW | grep unbound`

Can you paste your entire unbound.conf please (including any included


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