[Unbound-users] C-root IPv6 patch

Stephan Lagerholm stephan.lagerholm at secure64.com
Sun Mar 30 21:03:02 UTC 2014

Hi Peter,

> > Good point, I guess the right thing to do is to add
> > do-not-query-address: 2001:500:2::c
> > to unbound's configuration file until the issues are resolved.
> I very much doubt that.  There are thirteen A and now ten AAAA RRs
> for root name servers.   2001:500:2::c works well for quite a couple
> people and in those cases where it doesn't, unbound will "route
> around".
> No manual intervention needed.

Not needed I agree. But there will be queries every now and then that
times out, wasting my and a lot of other peoples time. 
Root-zone operators have a certain obligation to provide good
connectivity to their servers. We can't have another lower standard on
IPv6, then what is the point of migrating to IPv6?

To use an address for a root-server that is not accessible for Hurricane
Electric users is not acceptable. It is not production ready, this
record should not have been published in the root zone. 


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