[Unbound-users] large number of stub zones

richard lucassen mailinglists at lucassen.org
Mon Mar 24 15:37:08 UTC 2014

On Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:51:53 +0000
John Peacock <jpeacock at messagesystems.com> wrote:

> > I'm not familiar with the internals of unbound, that's the reason
> > why I ask this question, I'd like to know if this method of using
> > thousands of stub zone files is an appropiate way to do things like
> > this...
> I certainly wouldn't use thousands of files; I include a file that
> contains all of the generated stubs blocks.

ok, sorry, I forgot to mention that I use the old djbdns way to
determine stub zones. Indeed, from these files I generate 1 file with
entries like this:

        name: "domain1.tld"
        name: "domain2.tld"
        name: "domain3.tld"

So, I repeat my question in a proper way now :) Is it a problem if this
file contains thousands of entries?


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