[Unbound-users] problem with NS editnew.net

Over Dexia over at dexia.de
Tue Jun 17 14:09:54 UTC 2014

Hello Yuri,

Am 17.06.2014 14:15, schrieb Yuri Schaeffer:
> Hi Jo,
>> unbound-host -v -4 -d -d -r -C /etc/unbound/unbound.conf xy
> I've passed your configuration file to Wouter. The cause is the -r 
> option which reads the /etc/resolv.conf and use its contents as a 
> forwarder for ".", hence you have a duplicate.

I see. I needed to pass the resolv.conf to have unbound know about the
domain lists (I thought).

> Also, in your conf you have 'outgoing-interface:'. This
> is probably not what you want as you have no route to the outside
> world on that interface. It may cause performance problems.

This is by design. Unbound is in front of an nsd on the same host
responsible for resolving a domain.
Therefore I have following, too:

        name: xy.de
        stub-addr: at 58

I thought to be able to access this, I'd need the outgoing-interface, too. Wrong?

Thanks for your insight and best regards, JO

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