[Unbound-users] DNS64 patch for Unbound

Thomas Guthmann tguthmann at iseek.com.au
Thu Jul 3 02:55:41 UTC 2014


> I do think this will become more important over time. I support
> inclusion of the code, compiled in but disabled per default.

We do use it and only enabled the module when required.

DNS64 allows to do smooth transition and it is a feature that would be 
nice to have in mainstream because it would simplify maintenance. Like 
probably a few users on the mailing-list, we were updating the patch to 
be able to compile with the version we were using. I did ask a year ago 
if this could be added in maintream because it was tedious to 
maintain/hack our own patch version from the original 1.4.7 patch IIRC ;)


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