[Unbound-users] Only forward specific query to the Forwarding zone

Over Dexia over at dexia.de
Tue Apr 8 10:51:10 UTC 2014

Am 08.04.2014 11:15, schrieb seb astien:
> Now, my goal is to forward all query for a different subdomain
> (virtu.domain.net <http://virtu.domain.net>) to a different dns servers
> and ONLY that sort of query.
> Here's the related configuration part
> local-zone: "virtu.domain.net <http://virtu.domain.net>" transparent
> forward-zone:
> name: "virtu.domain.net <http://virtu.domain.net>."
> forward-addr:

In my setup, this would look like this:

        private-domain: virtu.domain.net

        name: virtu.domain.net

Best regards, jo

PS: Microsoft client name server selection is a quite untameable beast,
I'm afraid...

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