[Unbound-users] Issue with logs not logging

Over Dexia over at dexia.de
Thu Sep 5 10:43:51 UTC 2013

Am 04.09.2013 15:23, schrieb Levi Pederson:
> Greetings again all,
> I'm having an issue where unbound isn't writing anything to the log-file
> I'm specifying.  
> My end game is doing a short log of each query (for informational
> purposes and testing)
> my truncated config as it stands is this :  
> I've been reading the man pages and the documentation on the website and
> I believe this is the proper method to create a specific log.
> verbosity: 3 * for queries*
> logfile: "/etc/unbound/unboundLog.txt"
> log-queries: yes
> Is there something I'm missing?  I've also taken ownership of the file
> through chown for the unbound user.

Ownership might not be enough. Give us an ls -l
/etc/unbound/unboundLog.txt, also an ls -ld /var/log.

(use-syslog: no *should* be unnecessary, but I also fought with the same
issue and have it in my now working config. Also, log-queries parameter
is duplicated in your conf.)

And, stupid question: Did you restart?


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