[Unbound-users] Modifying query in C module

Yuri Schaeffer yuri at nlnetlabs.nl
Mon Jul 1 12:49:32 UTC 2013

Hi Many,

> 1. Could you point me to some sample code that does this kind of processing?
> 2. Also, how would caching behave in the above model?
> 3. On a related note, I assume we can use EDNS for passing such metadata. 

Last January we had an extensive e-mail exchange about this. I provided
you with example code and pointers on how to implement your feature. As
for both solutions you need to make sure the initial cache lookup is
circumvented for your 'special' queries to ensure they arrive at your

Whichever method you choose (I hope not the first) you will have to
modify the unbound sources to support your proprietary feature. Unbound
does not parse and export unknown edns options.

Yuri Schaeffer

Composed on an actual keyboard: all typos genuine.

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