[Unbound-users] How to create second Unbound Resolver in Windows

Bry8 Star bry8star at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 24 09:19:33 UTC 2013

( Question: How to create a tiny second instance of Unbound DNSSEC
Validating DNS Resolver in Windows using a Private-class-C
IP-Address other than the host's IP-address ? ).

How can i configure a second Unbound (on Windows XP and 7 computer)
to listen DNS queries (for example) for ip address on
port 53 , by running it from inside a windows host computer which
itself has (for example) ip-address ?

There is no device/computer running with ip address
inside that local network.
Gateway/router is (for example)
One Unbound DNS Resolver is already running as a default DNS
resolver service & listening on port 53 of inside the
windows computer which has ip address specified as
fixed ip in the Network Adapter. And router is also configured to
assign this windows computer ip address based on its
network adapter's MAC (Physical Address).

My one of the main target is to specify this ip address
inside the "DNSSEC Validator" addon, and "Extended DNSSEC Validator"
addon/extension of Mozilla Firefox (FirefoxPortable).

And one of the another reason is to use "dig" commands (obtained via
cygwin) like these to query DNSSEC based queries:
dig @ mozilla.org. ANY +dnssec
dig @ unbound.net. ANY +dnssec

And one of the main reason is to use tcp upstream feature of
Unbound, and send dns queries via ssh or via openvpn or via
socks5-proxy tunnel, to the destination public dns servers, from the
tunnel-end computer.

How many ways this can be done ? which is simpler & easier.

-- Bright Star.

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