[Unbound-users] Performance tuning tips?

lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Tue Feb 5 09:52:39 UTC 2013

Zitat von Jaco Lesch <jacol at saix.net>:

> Does anybody have some additional performance tuning tips for  
> Unbound, specificityon Solaris 11?
> I have followed the recommended settings in the "HowTo Optimise",  
> but still seem to hit a ceiling of +/- 3600 max queries a second.On  
> top of that the platform/OS do become a bit sluggish when logging in  
> via SSH.
> Our install details:
> OS: Solaris 11
> Unbound ver: 1.4.18-2 (64-bit)
> LDNS ver: 1.6.15 (64-bit)
> Libevent ver: 2.0.20 (64-bit)

you should clearify the following questions

Which part of the "HowTo Optimise" do you use and how?
What is the load on your system as of CPU power used?
Have you checked the upstream connection or forwarders used?
Do you use DNSSEC? What kind of data do you use for testing?

Without this no one will be able to tell why your system max out at 3600qps.



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