[Unbound-users] Patch: wildcard for include: statement

Robert Edmonds edmonds at debian.org
Sat Apr 13 21:31:23 UTC 2013

Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Sat, 13 Apr 2013, Robert Edmonds wrote:
> >this goes away if i put at least one file that matches the glob into
> >that directory, but i don't want to have to ship a dummy empty
> >"do-not-remove.conf" file in the conf.d directory in order to get the
> >config to parse correctly (what if the user removes it?).  could this
> >feature be updated so that a lack of glob matches is treated as
> >"success, but no files included" rather than failure to parse the
> >config?  (possibly made contingent on the existence of the directory of
> >the dirname() of the wildcarded include: parameter.)
> What I did was put commented out examples (example.com.conf,
> example.comf.key) in those directories. Without those, the users will
> have a hard time figuring out the syntax anyway.
> eg I have example.com.conf:

yes, that's exactly what i don't want to do.  i just want a completely
empty /etc/unbound/conf.d directory to work, so i can simply put
something like this at the end of the default debian unbound.conf:

# Additional local configuration of unbound can be performed by creating
# files whose names end in ".conf" in the /etc/unbound/conf.d directory.
# See the the unbound.conf(5) man page for details about the "include:"
# directive.
include: "/etc/unbound/conf.d/*.conf"

and the users won't have any problem figuring out the syntax... ".d"
config directories are well-understood.  after all, they're the ones
asking for the feature:


Robert Edmonds
edmonds at debian.org

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