[Unbound-users] unbound segfaults

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at nlnetlabs.nl
Wed Apr 3 21:26:19 UTC 2013

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the heads up.  This does not affect the 1.4.20 release, as
this code is newer.

I suspect two changes of causing it (I am supposedly on holiday, so
I'll make it short).  The first is a binary API version change in
libunbound; this should likely not affect you, but if your install is
not 'clean', it could be that you now have two libunbound.so.x
versions, and if you compile with --export-all-symbols then this could
cause segfaults in the unbound daemon if it picks the wrong library
out of your libdir.

The other is a codechange, to do with private-address functionality;
are you using private-address?  This is the only real codechange in
this timeframe, and touches on a lot of pointers...  I thought it was
fine, but then you always do until you find the bug :-)

That would be this patch that then causes the issue:
svn diff http://unbound.net/svn/trunk/iterator -r2867:2868 > file
this code does fire even if you do not have private-addresses
configured, but it does not seem to fail in unit tests.
patch -r reverses the patch if you want to try that.

Best regards,

On 04/03/2013 07:15 PM, Chris Smith wrote:
> Unbound has started to segfault on one of my servers. It's set up
> as an iterator - cache and forwarder.
> This is the error Apr  1 16:33:07 kernel: [13600580.130222]
> unbound[27581]: segfault at c ip 0806e0af sp bf86dc70 error 4 in
> unbound[8048000+a3000] Apr  3 12:49:29 kernel: [13759961.676284]
> unbound[6045]: segfault at c ip 0806e0af sp bffdbe60 error 4 in
> unbound[8048000+a3000] Apr  3 12:56:01 kernel: [13760354.457757]
> unbound[5095]: segfault at c ip 0806e0af sp bfaed910 error 4 in
> unbound[8048000+a3000]
> I have probably brought this on myself as I've been running the
> SVN version (for many months) and regularly upgrading. However,
> I've never had this issue before.
> Everything has been fine until the svn upgrade on 3-24, the crash 
> didn't happen until 4-1. On 4-1 I installed the latest svn and it 
> crashed today, and immediately again upon a restart; although
> after another restart it is up and running (for now).
> If it helps the previous svn upgrade, the one before the 3-24 one
> that crashed was on 2-18.
> Thank you,
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