[Unbound-users] cache size

daniela daniela daniela.daniela.daniela.daniela at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 14:26:11 UTC 2012

Hallo and thank you to developers,

I would like to ask devs and fellow users for opinions, experiences,
insight about optimal size of cache in a minimal / average / server
specs machine. I would also like to ask about the maximally feasible
size, in case one should want to use a significant part of it for
weeding out garbage. Yes, I have a firewall (and a file HOSTS) on
every machine and I have a router with filtering and firewall, but
sometimes laptops move around and a pocket mobile hotspot can hardly
do any filtering.
I would also like to ask where physically the cache is located. I
know, RTFM, but I did not find it easily, and searching the
mailinglist archive is not very easy - there should be a search box :)
Thank you a lot everyone

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