[Unbound-users] unbound with a different authoritative server and CNAMEs

Ognen Duzlevski ognen.duzlevski at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 03:29:54 UTC 2012


I have a setup where I use yadifa for an authoritative, non-recursive DNS
server for a domain (running on machine X).

I have unbound running on machine Y where I point all my users to use as a
DNS resolver. The unbound config has a stub section pointing all DNS
queries for my domain to the machine X and a forwarder section for
everything else (using "."). The machine X that runs the non-recursive,
authoritative server (yadifa) has a few CNAMEs where
something.mydomain.comis a CNAME for
somehost.someotherdomain.com. I get unbound to return the CNAME (it
received from server on machine X) correctly but it does not recursively go
out and get the IP - how do I get it to do that?

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