[Unbound-users] DNS64 implementation status ?

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Tue May 15 08:26:16 UTC 2012

On 2012-05-14, Thomas Guthmann <tguthmann at iseek.com.au> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I am just wondering if Unbound will officially support this feature ?
> I know that http://ecdysis.viagenie.ca/download.html has an 
> implementation for Unbound 1.4.7 but I am not super keen to roll back to 
> an old version (the patch badly fails on 1.4.16). Note: I haven't ask 
> them if they have an updated version.
> I also found a thread I didn't want to revive (21/02/11) between 
> Stephane (nic.fr) and Simon (viagenie.ca) saying that Simon will have to 
> re-read a draft.
> Cheers,
> Thomas

When I updated it for 1.4.10, the main failure was in the generated
files: configlexer.c, configparser.c, configparser.h. Remove these
from the patch and regenerate them from the patched .lex and .y
files and your job will be significantly easier.

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