[Unbound-users] Could not generate request: out of memory

Gareth Hopkins gabbawp at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 16:55:15 UTC 2012

> Zitat von Gareth Hopkins <gabbawp at gmail.com>:
>> Hi There,
>> Any ideas ?
>> Cheers,
>> Gareth
> "Out of memory" is a result of failing to allocate memory so the OS is not able to service a request it maybe should. This could be a problem when unbound tries to create sockets because of buffer space involved. You should carefully check the user limits regarding sockets/files/memory for the user unbound is running as and the overall machine limits.

Hi Andreas, 

Thanks for the reply. 

My question was more related to what caused the out of memory errors while connectivity to the internet was down and if there is a workaround available. 



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