[Unbound-users] Unbound stops answering after ADSL-line bounce

Paul Taylor PaulTaylor at winn-dixie.com
Thu Jan 26 15:15:48 UTC 2012

> Packet info would be included in verbosity 5 already, the pcap dump
> may be useful as a different format, but not really needed.
> What would be nice and interesting is a look at unbound-control
> dump_infra .  This prints a textoutput list of the probe-status of
> IPs.  Maybe do it at start (>file1 to store it), when failed, and if
> it stays down, afterwards.
I had an unexpected chance to test last night...  When I tested before,
I didn't know that it could take up to 15 minutes to recover, so I
assumed that I had successfully recreated the problem after bringing the
WAN interface back up and finding that Unbound wasn't sending the
requests out within the next few minutes.  Last night after waiting
15-20 minutes after bringing the WAN back up, everything recovered as
you had explained that it should.  I did this twice, and it recovered
fine both times, so the problem I experienced before is not as easy to
re-create as I previously thought.   I've not seen an actual occurrence
of this problem since last week.  It happened twice within about a week
So, I'll try to turn on a verbosity level 5 log and then run the
dump-infra commands at startup, and then when it gets to a failed state
(as in, failed for more than 15 minutes after a WAN link recovery).  It
looks like I'll have to wait until there's an actual natural occurrence
of the problem again.
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