[Unbound-users] Auto trust anchor file log error on startup.

John Volikas ferongr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 12:11:00 UTC 2012

Hello. I have installed the Windows version of Unbound and run as a
service. The system runs Windows XP SP3 Pro. The Windows partition is
D:\ . On service startup, with logging verbosity set to level 4  I see
the following sequence of entries (seemingly unrelated entries

[unbound:0] debug: autotrust: write to disk: D:\Program
[unbound:0] debug: autotrust: replaced D:\Program Files\Unbound\root.key
[unbound:0] error: rename(D:\Program Files\Unbound\root.key.2788-0 to
D:\Program Files\Unbound\root.key): File exists

Needless to say that the modified attribute of root.key (or the actual
contents) do not change after startup. To the best of my knowledge,
the file is not locked my another process. Thanks in advance for any

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