[Unbound-users] Resolve only few zones

Alexander Chekalin achekalin at lazurit.com
Fri Feb 3 12:57:32 UTC 2012


I deal with a really fuzzy problem. For some reasons we decided to 
create resolver host that will only resolves soveral domains and replay 
with 'nodata' to any other requests. Ok, I've set up the machine, and 
set up unbound on it, then put some stub-zone's into config - works 
great. Now what I need is how to stop unbound to answer for all other 

If I put

local-zone: "." static

in the config, no requests are answered at all, if I put it by the end 
of config (so stub-zones will be parsed first) I got a configuration error.

If there any way to do what I need?

Thank you in advance,
   Alexander Chekalin

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