[Unbound-users] Issues with Unbound 1.4.18

Phil Davies phil at enta.net
Fri Aug 31 07:28:46 UTC 2012


I have 6 DNS caching Resolvers serving many thousands queries. Until 
recently all 6 were running Bind. As i've heard such great things about 
Unbound I decided to switch 3 of them to Unbound. So i've installed the 
latest Unbound 1.4.18 with Libevent and at first things seemed good but 
i've noticed at least 4 times a day Unbound is crashing with:

  kernel: pid 82301 (unbound), uid 59: exited on signal 11

I have a script that automatically restarts programs that should be 
running, so I didn't notice at first. I've tried tweaking loads of 
config options but nothing seems to make a difference. The servers 
aren't exactly that High spec:

FreeBSD 8.3
Dual Core CPU
4G Ram

However with Bind running the server is stable and if anything Bind uses 
a lot more CPU than Unbound for the same task. Can someone give me some 
idea's on what I can do to find out whats causing it to crash.



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