[Unbound-users] [PATCH] UNIX sockets support for unbound-control

Ilya Bakulin Ilya_Bakulin at genua.de
Tue Aug 28 11:31:40 UTC 2012

Hi Yuri,
OK, thanks for clarification!

I'm attaching a bit modified patch. What's changed is that now unbound sets 
the owner group of socket to the group of "username" user (specified in the 
config file). We at genua found it very useful, because by default the socket 
is created with root:wheel. And we set chmod 0660 on the socket file.
The code that retrieves uid/gid is identical to the code in daemon.c. I have 
copied it because since this patch is not going to be committed, I want to 
keep differences to original code as localized as possible :-)

This patch is released by genua mbh under BSD license.

On Monday 27 August 2012 17:48:09 Yuri Schaeffer wrote:
> Hi Ilya,
> > I have one question about NLNetLabs policy regarding stuff that
> > goes in contrib/. What level of testing and support do things in
> > contrib/ receive? For example, if in the future something in
> > unbound changes so that patch doesn't apply anymore, will it be
> > fixed or we will need to submit updated patch?
> I checked this with my colleagues. The answer is none. We won't commit
> ourselves to test the patch now or in the future. We will still accept
> fixes though.

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