[Unbound-users] Problem with query

Robert Fleischman rmf at fleischman.net
Thu Sep 15 19:54:38 UTC 2011


Are you SURE your server returns?  I just tried it with:

dig +time=600 +tcp @ -t ns dir.slb.com.

And it doesn't return AT ALL.  (That is a 10 minute wait time!!)

> Various harden options might make it try a lot of entries before returning.
> The only cases I know of unbound not returning an answer is if your loglevel
> is so high that your disk cannot keep up with the queries.

No logging is on.   But, if you turn it on, you'll see unbound working

I don't have any "harden" stuff on.    I do have:

val-permissive-mode: yes
module: iterator


My "guess" is that by the time Unbound resolves all the NS records to
A records, some have expired and it goes back and does the resolution
again.  Thus an infinite loop?


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