[Unbound-users] Doing queries in python/lua modules

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Fri May 13 16:21:07 UTC 2011


>> I'm trying to implement DNS64 in Unbound (the code by Viagenie sort of
>> works, but has a few issues and is pretty intrusive)
> What are the issues?

Mostly portability (which would be better if it was in-tree), but also
some SERVFAIL situations. For example for IPv6 reverse lookups OUTSIDE
of the NAT64 prefix (so for your native path). The code synthesizes PTRs
for the NAT64 prefix, I guess it is broken at this point. IÄm going to
report that, but the slow release cycles of ecdysis makes it annoying.

>> and it looks to me
>> like a python/lua module would be a good idea to do it. This means that
> Wouldn't that be pretty bad for performance?

Probably. I was looking for a proof of concept. Also there might be
other situations where you need to do a DNS lookup from the module.


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