[Unbound-users] Is it just me?

Marco Davids (SIDN) marco.davids at sidn.nl
Fri Mar 18 19:23:37 UTC 2011

Op 18-03-11 19:22, Marco Davids (SIDN) schreef:

> I use Unbound 1.4.8 and get this:
> Mar 18 19:07:41 xs unbound: [17639:0] info: validation failure
> <www.iana.org. A IN>: No DNSKEY record for key vip.icann.org. while
> building chain of trust

Mmm... seems 0x20 related...

dig +dnssec ianawww.vip.icann.ORG @gtm1.lax.icann.org.

no RRSIGs!

dig +dnssec ianawww.vip.icann.ORG @gtm1.lax.icann.org.

(all lowercase)

does return an RRSIG.


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