[Unbound-users] Question and Potential Bug

Robert Fleischman rmf at fleischman.net
Tue Jun 28 19:27:12 UTC 2011


I noticed that "mesh_new_client" will drop incoming queries if you
have more that "16" times "mesh->max_reply_states" (which is set to
the number of queries per thread).

Question:  Why 16?  What is the logic here?  Shouldn't this be based
on memory and not a multiple of "number of queries per thread"?

Potential Bug: In "mesh_state_cleanup", I noticed that
"comm_point_drop_reply" is called to remove unset replies, HOWEVER, it
does not appear that either "stats_dropped" is incremented or more
importantly "num_reply_addrs" is not decremented.    Doesn't this lack
of a decrement potentially cause the "16 times" limit go into effect and
prematurely drop queries?


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