[Unbound-users] problems resolving www.iana.org / ianawww.vip.icann.org

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Wed Jun 22 20:27:18 UTC 2011

> Commonly, people block ICMP, and over IPv6 this blocks fragments because
> ICMP PMTU Discovery ICMP messages need to traverse the firewall.  Some
> firewalls do not support UDP-connection-tracking with fragmentation on
> IPv6 (such as pf).  These are random IPv6 hints ... :-)
> Best regards,
>    Wouter

As you mentioned pf specifically I just re-checked some things, it works
with a newer version of pf.

The older version on my home system seems to drop these packets and it
works with pf turned off.

So now I know where the real problem is, thank you.

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