[Unbound-users] How to stop unbound server?

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Jun 22 16:57:26 UTC 2011


    I am new to unbound server. I have installed it, but did not
    find the script to start and stop the server in those init.d
    directories. So I start unbound by

    $ unbound -c <config>

    Now I want to stop the unbound server, is there any method
    besides 'kill'?
Well, there is always unbound-control to do this.

You are not saying which system you are using but in the contrib
directories there are various scripts for various system. It might fit
your needs or be an inspiration to roll your own.

Some system (such as Debian, FreeBSD) have pre-packaged distributions
which often have ready to install init scripts.


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