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Mon Jun 13 19:38:43 UTC 2011

Hello list,

After having used DJB's dnscache for many years, I switched to Unbound.
Unbound works fine, but there's something I miss: djbdns' configuration
simplicity. Wouldn't it be nice if Unbound had dir like:


in which one could easily:

echo "dns1.domain.tld" > /etc/unbound/stub-zones/subdomain.domain.tld

restart unbound and then all queries for "subdomain.domain.tld" are
forwarded to "dns1.domain.tld" (that's the way djbdns is working).

Now I need to enter:

        name: "subdomain.domain.tld"
        stub-host: dns1.domain.tld

Into the config file. This is not so much work, but if there are many of
these entries...

Another question: I'd like to have a simple logfile which will show me:

<timestamp> <source> <query>


2011-06-13 21:25:54 www.example.com

This can be done by grep/sed/awk-ing the logfile, but I miss the source
address of the machine that is sending the query. Setting the verbosity
to something higher than "1" produces al lot of debug noise, but not
the address that is querying the resolver. Or did I miss something
crucial somewhere?

Just my 2 newbee cents,


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