[Unbound-users] unbound 1.4.8 release

Tom Hendrikx tom at whyscream.net
Tue Jan 25 21:47:20 UTC 2011

On 25/01/11 21:36, Paul Wouters wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, W.C.A. Wijngaards wrote:
>> Unbound 1.4.8 is available:
>> http://unbound.net/downloads/unbound-1.4.8.tar.gz
> I spotted one issue too late.
> The contrib/unbound_munin_ is still broken. It contains:
> : <<=cut
> =head1 NAME
> =cut
> This has to be removed before this file can be used or it will cause
> problems.
> Specifically, it causes so many errors without a /usr/local/var that
> munin-node
> can end up using 200G of disk space in /var/log/munin/munin-node.log
> within 24h,
> so before logrotate had a chance to remove the junk from disk.

Hi Paul,

I use this syntax regularly in my own munin plugins, and see no issues
or errors with it. Also, most munin packaged plugins contain this syntax
for documentation, as it is promoted by munin developers.

Could you explain what errors you are seeing, and what implementation of
/bin/sh you are using? As said, no issues here with /bin/sh provided by
bash 4 on linux.

The only (minor) issue that I see with the packaged file is that it
would be nice if default paths to unbound-control et al would be set to
the paths used in the install, in stead of hardcoding them to a default
that most unbound users probably do not use.


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