[Unbound-users] error: tcp connect: No route to host

Babu C babscontact at rediffmail.com
Mon Jan 10 05:00:57 UTC 2011

Hi List,I am  running unbound for a year and found its very useful to speedup browsing for my network and its users. I have recently upgraded my OS and Unbound, since then I am facing a particular problem, when the ADSL connection goes down and come back Unbound refuses to resolve the queries till I restart Unbound. I never faced this issue with previous unbound version. I tried googling and couldn't find any thing to mitigate my problem.
OS - FreeBSD 8.1Unbound :  Unbound 1.4.7
When I started noticing this issue, I increased the verbosity to 3 in unbound.conf and found the following error logged unbound: [847:1] error: tcp connect: No route to hostKindly help me to resolve this issue
With Thanx in advanceDotfish
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