[Unbound-users] preventing host lookup/reply

Chris Smith fixie at chrissmith.org
Sat Feb 19 14:51:24 UTC 2011

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 5:54 AM, Alexander Clouter <alex at digriz.org.uk> wrote:
> If 'wpad.example.com' does not actually have an A/AAAA/CNAME record,
> then what are you trying to do?  I do not think unbound supports
> wildcard blocking (ie. 'wpad.*') either; I think to do this you would
> have to look to the python hooks to help you out.

Looking to find the cleanest way to handle this - as opposed to
timeouts and/or sending the inquiries upstrream to the forwarders.
Many systems are quite persistent in looking for wpad - I've seen
queries for wpad.example.com, wpad.com, wpad, and even wpad.example
(thank you Windows 7 for this one).

Right, I tried a refusal with a wpad.* entry but it was not honored.
Would love that feature! Especially, as mentioned, many of the clients
are not under my control - they have for whatever mistaken reason
configured a static domain which overrides any connection specific
suffix and the wpad queries are sent upstream.

> Returning REFUSED/NXDOMAIN will have no effect on the rate of queries.

Then I'll use REFUSED - it appears to be faster.

> You can configure, via DHCP, for clients to disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Yes, but I need NetBIOS although static WINS entries seem to solve this.

> What is it you are trying to achieve?  I'm curious about how you think
> blocking WPAD lookups will help you get closer to your goal?  Maybe it
> is just the wording, but it seems you are attempting to obliterate every
> byte of supposedly unwanted traffic on the local network?

Wish that were possible :) Again just the cleanest way to handle it
all, allow the systems to get on with the shortest delay, prevent
"wpad hijacking" and not send queries upstream.

> WPAD (if you do not know) is how many systems automatically hunt for
> proxy servers...which is a *good* thing.

If I ran, or wanted to run a proxy server, "wpad hijacking" didn't
exist as a problem,  and there was some great consistency across
platforms and browsers then it would be good.thing. I'm not convinced
at this point.

Thank you,


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