[Unbound-users] Leak in 1.4.14?

Robert Fleischman rmf at fleischman.net
Thu Dec 22 16:07:24 UTC 2011

In "outside_network.c", the function:  "outnet_serviced_query" has two
calls inside "if" statements:

"if (!serviced_udp_send(...)"
"if (!serviced_tcp_send(...)"

in those error branches, I STRONGLY believe we need a:


inserted after the "free(sq->qbuf);"

Otherwise, it LEAKS the "memdup()"'d sq->zone!

My tests show:
   Without those free()'s, it leaks.
   Put them in, all is good.

I haven't done the analysis on "how bad" this is.  It might be a minor thing.


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