[Unbound-users] Newbie seeks config advice

Lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de Lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de
Sat Aug 20 08:35:46 UTC 2011

Zitat von Steve Snyder <swsnyder at snydernet.net>:

> Hello.
> I am very new to unbound.  I've used BIND for years, though, so I  
> understand the DNS concepts.  Mind if I ask a few questions?
> Below is my unbound configuration and farther below are the stats  
> from an 18-hour run of unbound.  I am running RHEL 5.7 on a  
> dual-core CPU with SMT enabled (i.e. the OS sees 4 processors) with  
> plenty of RAM.  Unbound was built against the current versions of  
> it's dependencies, except for version 2.5 of GLibC.
> 1. I built unbound with the libevent library because I read that it  
> improved scalability, which seemed reasonable given that I can run 4  
> threads simultaneously.  After 18 hours with what I think is a  
> representative load I get this:
>   info: server stats for thread 0: 622 queries, 98 answers from  
> cache, 524 recursions, 10 prefetch
>   info: server stats for thread 1: 18161 queries, 3186 answers from  
> cache, 14975 recursions, 265 prefetch
>   info: server stats for thread 2: 15963 queries, 2746 answers from  
> cache, 13217 recursions, 248 prefetch
>   info: server stats for thread 3: 1064 queries, 179 answers from  
> cache, 885 recursions, 20 prefetch

Hm, with this kind of traffic you are well served with the stock  
defaults. You can start worry about Unbound tuning if your  
queries-per-second reaches at least some hundreds.



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