[Unbound-users] can't start unbound

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Fri Apr 15 07:23:03 UTC 2011

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Hi Dodi,

On 04/15/2011 07:32 AM, dodi prima wrote:
> i just installed unbound v1.4.9 via port on freebsd 8.2-stable but i got
> this error :

If you start with -d (do not daemonize) unbound stays attached to the
terminal console, and you can see further errors.  And you could use
gdb, strace, ... to know more about that it is doing (or not doing).

If you start with -vvvv then unbound becomes very verbose; it prints
lots of details what it is doing.

> root at px01 /usr/local/etc/unbound# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/unbound start
> Starting unbound.
> [1302794970] unbound[1846:0] debug: creating udp4 socket 53
> [1302794970] unbound[1846:0] debug: creating tcp4 socket 53
> [1302794970] unbound[1846:0] debug: creating tcp4 socket 953
> [1302794970] unbound[1846:0] debug: setup SSL certificates
> [1302794970] unbound[1846:0] warning: did not exit gracefully last time
> (1826)
> when i check with ps ax there is no unbound process & i check with
> unbound-checkconf there is no error on unbound.conf..
> can someone telling me where is my mistakes ?
> thanks before :D

Does it print more information in syslog (or logfile, if you have
configured that).

Best regards,
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