[Unbound-users] RHEL 5 and Unbound

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Oct 20 05:54:01 UTC 2010

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Hi Bruce,

Not sure, but could this be the kernel version of RHEL5 (which is very
old?)  Which has a 'raging herd'-bug thus only your first thread gets to
do all the work?  (I have had reports, privately, about such old kernels
showing bad behaviour).

Could it be that if you hard-line the interfaces (not in the
unbound.conf but the exact IP value) then the OS route-selection does
not take time to determine a source interface?  (Unless you use
interface-automatic, then this does not make a difference).

You are increasing num-threads, right? (even if you compile without
pthreads, num-threads will still use multiple CPUs).

Best regards,

On 10/19/2010 06:10 PM, Hayward, Bruce wrote:
> Hi
> Currently we are running Bind 9.5+ on Solaris 10/Sun Netra 240s, and
> RHEL 5.5 on Dell 2970s.
> I have been trying different flavours of Unbound, both compiling myself,
> and using the precompiled flavours from M n M.
> I am also trying out Nominum, as well as Bind and Unbound.
> I see a marked improvement in QPS over Bind on the Solaris 10 servers in
> both Unbound, and Nominum.
> On the RHEL servers I see improvement over Bind with Nominum (I get
> 20,000+ QPS with Bind alone), but degradation when trying Unbound. This
> is trying different flavours of Unbound, both compiling myself, and
> using the precompiled flavours from M n M.
> Does anyone have a unbound.conf with reasonable QPS on a RHEL 5X server
> that I can see?
> Much Thanks
> Bruce
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