[Unbound-users] Unbound from EPEL segfaults at start

Maik Zumstrull maik.zumstrull at rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Mar 22 15:12:41 UTC 2010

I'm trying to setup an Unbound box, only for testing and evaluation at
this point. I've put RHEL 5.4 and unbound from EPEL on it and get this:

kernel: unbound[3493]: segfault at 00000016000004ae rip
0000003fd48750ed rsp 0000000041b3dee0 error 4
kernel: unbound[3495]: segfault at 00000016000004ae rip
0000003fd48750ed rsp 0000000042f3fee0 error 4

Unbound from EPEL is a bit outdated, of course, so maybe a newer
version would be enough to fix it. Could be a configuration problem,
but I think it ought to die with an error instead of segfaulting in
that case.

Will a newer unbound be available for RHEL5 in the near future, or is
the best option building my own packages?

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