[Unbound-users] Issuing multiple commands over the control channel

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Mar 8 13:17:33 UTC 2010


I am wondering if it's possible to issue >1 command over the SSL control 
channel? Specifically "flush" commands for >1 host. I might want to 
flush anything from 1-1000 specific hosts from the cache (most commonly 
2-10) every few minutes.

Background: We run a set of bind 9 servers as our recursive resolvers. 
These servers also stealth slave our own zones, which are updated by 
DDNS from our database. NOTIFY & IXFR therefore ensure the recursive 
servers always have a "correct" copy of our data, to within a few 
minutes at most.

I am considering a move away from this model, and was initially 
reluctant to look at unbound because of the difficulty of maintaining 
this stealth slave. However it then occurred to me that I could simply 
"flush" the changed names inside the master update process, since I know 
what they are.

I don't really want to either lower the TTL or run a 2nd low-TTL copy of 
our master zones.

 From a quick glance the source code seems only to take a single command 
over the socket; would an attempt at a patch be accepted or useful?


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