[Unbound-users] Trobule resolving few domains

W.C.A. Wijngaards wouter at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Dec 16 13:05:46 UTC 2010

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Hi Michal,

On 12/16/2010 11:23 AM, Michał Margula wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I have filled a bug against unbound server using bugzilla, because I
> have a strange problem which only happens with unbound. Details are here
> - http://www.nlnetlabs.nl/bugs-script/show_bug.cgi?id=341
> It doesn't resolve few polish domains - pogodynka.pl or pfron.org.pl,
> but DJBDNS which was replace by unbound, does it without any trouble.
> Funny thing is that wireshark claims that replies for this domains are
> malformed. But when I use local resolved (bind-tools) or djbdns they are
> not.
> Any ideas?

With this patch they resolve (the patch is also in the svn trunk
development of unbound; ergo I believe the bug is fixed).

Offlist I have sent you a source tarball with that fix in it (but that
is a whole lot bigger than just the diff).

Best regards,
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