[Unbound-users] poor unbound qps completed recently

Hayward, Bruce Bruce.Hayward at mtsallstream.com
Wed Aug 25 19:54:29 UTC 2010



I have been trying the various flavors of unbound, testing the qps


Recently I seem to have been throttled (now on 1.46) threads no and
libevents yes (when I started testing with earlier version was much


Where the queries completed bears a question - thoughts on what I have

(no Iptables for the first thought)


I am seeing:


root at wnpgmb02hbv# /usr/local/nom/bin/resperf -d


DNS Resolution Performance Testing Tool


Nominum Version


[Status] Sending

[Status] Reached 65536 outstanding queries

[Status] Waiting for more responses

[Status] Testing complete




  Queries sent:         66104

  Queries completed:    872

  Queries lost:         65232

  Ran for:              48.906515 seconds

  Maximum throughput:   1160.000000 qps

  Lost at that point:   7.20%




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Is it really necessary to print this email?
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